About Me

I am a twenty thirty (getting old) something tech geek that hides out in Idaho and hopes that someday I will get just as excited about mountain biking as playing with new gadgets.

I love business. I love thinking about new business ideas, and I love bootstrap start ups. If I could do anything with the rest of my career I would simply move from one idea to the next and learn through successes and failures, but never keep my focus on the same project for too long.

I have been known to be an avid golfer, author, stage actor, musician, and dancer. While many of my work and hobbies seem to be ever changing there are a few things in my life that make up a solid foundation.

1. Family

I have the most amazing wife, children, and extended family. The reason I am still in Idaho is due to the fact that I would rather have my family closer than a beach.

2. Religion

I am a Latter-day Saint. A member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Who I am and what I want to become is centered around my spiritual beliefs. You don’t have to agree, disagree, or even acknowledge this, but if I were to write about my life, and not have the occasional spiritual thought it would not be a good representation of myself and my life.

Most importantly, the reason I decided to finally do something with this website is because there have been so many people that have helped me along the way with things that they have said, written, or done and I want to make sure that I honor them, and pass it forward.

I do a ton of speaking events to youth and adults that range from technical marketing presentations to life lessons. If you would like to book me for a speaking event please contact me at mikusbenjamin (@) gmail .com