Book: My Dad’s A Muslim, My Mom’s a Lesbian, and I’m a Latter-day Saint

Hi. My name is Mike Ramsey. I wrote a book.

My Dad is a Muslim, My Mom is a Lesbian and I'm a Latter-day Saint

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No. This is not a joke. It’s the story of my life and will be released Nov 12th, 2019. So… If you enjoy action, adventure, damsels in distress, evil villains, and brave heros…

You should probably look elsewhere. But, if you enjoy a touching story with just enough comedy to make you occasionally chuckle. Heartache and struggle that could lead to the possibility of tears. Along with hard learned lessons that will definitely make you think, then boy do I have the right book for you.

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It will be available through some of the traditional book retailers (Deseret Book, Seagull, Amazon) at launch through Cedarfort Publishing. But, if you buy the paperback book from my website, then you get a signed copy the week of release, and you get to help me keep this wonderful website afloat! Remember, the book launches November 12th and lot’s of pre-sales means that the bookstores will take it a lot more seriously. I promise you this… It’s a story that needs to be told.

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Read what others are saying!

“I loved reading Mike’s book! I could have read it in one sitting if my schedule would have let me. It was funny, witty, honest, and intriguing.”

-Al Caraway, Author of More than a Tattooed Mormon & Wildly Optimistic

Mike’s story takes the reader through difficult questions and lands us in a place of love, acceptance, and faith through fun, hard, and heart changing stories.

Kurt Francom, host of the Leading Saints podcast

“Mike’s story will leave you riveting for more, a true page turner. His conviction, his faith, leaves you wanting to share his story with everyone.”

-Dennis Schleicher, Author of ”Is He Nuts?”

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